MIAM Appointments - An Alternative to Court?

Since 22 April 2014, it has been a requirement that, in most cases, before you can apply to the court to deal with financial issues and private questions relating to children, you have to attend a MIAM (mediation information and assessment meeting) with a mediator.

The purpose of the MIAM is to discuss alternatives to applying to the court and to consider whether mediation might be a better means of trying to resolve matters.

If, having attended a meeting, mediation or alternatives are not considered suitable, or either party simply decides that they do not want to attend, the mediator will provide a MIAM form. That form has to be sent to the court if you apply for a financial settlement in divorce  or when you apply to the court for it to consider issues relating to your children, such as when you ask for an order to decide where they will live or the amount of time they will spend with you.

This Is one of the few areas where legal aid is still available, if you are in receipt of a low income. If you are not, mediators do charge a fee to provide a MIAM form. The sum varies but is usually around £100 plus vat.

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