Change of Name Deed

£80 + VAT

Changing Your Name 

If you are aged 16 or over, you are free to change your name. We will prepare a change of name deed stating what your name is and what you would like to change your name to. There is no legal requirement to have written evidence of your change of name, but you will find that most institutions, such as your bank, the Passport Agency and DVLA will require evidence before they will record any change.

If you have divorced or your civil partnership has been dissolved and you wish to change your name back to your maiden name, most institutions will accept a certified copy of your marriage certificate and decree absolute/final decree as sufficient evidence.

Change of Name Deed for Child Under 16

We can also prepare a change of name deed for parents wishing to change their child’s name as long as they have the required consent/s or a court order. We can assist you in relation to obtaining the required consent/court order. Please telephone or email for further information. 

Our Charges

We charge £80.00 plus VAT of £16.00 (total £96.00) to prepare a single change of name deed. Our service includes preparation of the change of name deed, arranging for the deed to be witnessed by a qualified solicitor and providing you with up to 10 certified copies for your own use. We can also store the original for you, if you wish, without any additional charge. 

If you would like our assistance, please telephone or contact us via our contact form below.

Free 30-Minute Initial Consultation

We offer a no obligation initial 30-minute free consultation to consider the likely cost and steps which may be necessary for any new matter. 

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